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Haunted Key

Mini Slate Outfit
Dove Harness
Chinese Rice Bowls

Fire Wallet

Die Box
Okito Rope Trick
Mirror Box

























Standard Magic started its business about ten years ago with an aim to produce professional quality magical instruments for professional magicians around the world. It started producing top quality at its own manufacturing unit near the metro city of Kolkata, India.

Soon magic dealers around the world realised our efficiency and started buying our products. We started exporting the products in several countries including U.S.A., Italy, Gernany, Australia and New Zealand.

We specialise in manufacturing woooden products though we produce instruments made up of other materials as well. Other than our own products we stock several products manufactured by other manufacturers/dealers. Therefore, we maintain an inventry comprising of various types of magical products, magical gags and puzzles.

This website includes those products which we have in stock at present. We keep updating the product list from time to time. So, please visit us time and again for new products.


Please drop us a line for our detailed Terms of Business. Though we have Terms of Business on this website, it sometime varies depending upon your ordered quantity, total abount of purchase, country where you want the materials to be delivered and lots of other factors. It is always a better idea to contact us with your requirements and we would mail you back a detailed quotation.

We provide attractive discounts from time to time for stock clearance. Special discounts are also provided if your order is above a certain value or you give us repeat orders within a short interval of time. The discounts may be in terms of cash or kind. Our decision in this regard is final. You would be benefitted in either way. So, do not miss these discounts. Look of such notices in this website. We also send notice to your email id registered with us.

We do sincerely hope you give us an opportunity to serve you. We are sure you would be impressed with the quality of our products and promptness of our services. For any enquiry, please feel free to comtact us thru email or telephone. Our helpdesk would be happy to help you out.

Please note that we are Standard Magic is completely export oriented. wholesale company. We do not cater to to any individual single unit of item/items. We invite enquiries from magic dealers, magic stockists nad magic instrument manufacturers around the world for our products



Email: chowdhurypk52@gmail.com
Phone: +91 9831009896 & +91 9903209087  
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